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Don't Miss Out on This Educational Opportunity

Get Certified with Gary & Kathy Meek

In difficult and uncertain economic times what is there to separate you from your competition? It might be time to invest in yourself and work toward becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. Trust is key in any relationship, right? Potential clients want a photographer they can count on, and certification gives them that extra level of confidence. With hundreds, sometimes thousands of photographers advertising in the same market, it's not always an easy task to get them through your studio doors. But advertising as a CPP is one way to distinguish yourself from the masses. Certification gives clients a concrete business reason to put you on their short list. The book Photography by London, Stone and Upton is the major course of study for this class. This class will be VERY beneficial in the preparation for the test to become a Certified Professional Photographer. This in-depth study of the technical side of photography will help you gain the knowledge that is equivalent to a semester of college. Students will cover lenses, lighting, light ratios, H&D curves and color theory, as well as a multitude of other topics. This class is likely to be the most intense photographic learning experience students will ever encounter.

Class Fee - $495

Robert O Seat

“Not just smoke and mirrors”

Join Robert for a day packed with tips, tricks,and techniques that will make your daily life a little easier.

What's so different? CS6/CC6?

- Channel patterns and skin grafting to let you quickly retouch the roughest complections.

- Knockout your subject quickly and easly, then place them onto another background. Then make it believable.

- Learn some of the secret powers hidden inside Photoshop's most common tools.

- Beautiful color with a simple color management system.
-- Actions vs Plugins, and when to use them.
-- Blend composites.
-- Paint your heart in Photoshop.
-- And more as time will allow
To follow along, you will need your own computer (laptop or desktop) with mouse/tablet and a current version of Photoshop installed. Make sure that your computer is working and trouble free (hint: de-fragment your hard drives). You must have adequate free hard space and a graphics tablet, such as a Wacom Intous, is highly recommended. Also bring the installation disks for your operating system and Photoshop (in case you suffer a system crash). Students will be provided files to follow along with the lessons.
Robert and his wife Joanne have been operating Photography by Robert O. Seat full time since 1976. He was recently recognized as International Diamond Photographer of the Year. He is currently serving on the SWPPA executive board. Since 2001 Robert has been teaching Photoshop/digital imaging classes at various regional schools across the country.
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$150 for one day class
$125 each for two days classes
$100 each for all three days classes

Kimberly Smith

From Conception to Competition

Do you ever wonder what would make a great competition print? How do you choose? What do you do after that?

Kimberly is a Master Photographer, and recent winner of Photographer of the Year at PP of the Ozarks and received a perfect score of 100 on an album (a rare score for an album).

Bring your computers to work on the files and learn the techniques Kimberly has used, and WHY she chooses one technique over another.

$150 for one day class
$125 each for two days classes
$100 each for all three days classes

David & Whitney Scott

This class is about having it all... at least mostly. We’ve found in our teaching experience that so many people get into photography because they love the art of it, but the business end gets overwhelming. They’re confused about how to make decent money and how to find the balance between work and family and how to do photography as a job while still holding on to that passion. We’re here to help!Our one-day class will start out by looking at the big picture - the reality of what its like to work in this industry and how to create the kind of life and business you want by making a plan that will give your life balance.Second, we’re going to draw on Whitney’s background in Psychology and talk about using psychology to increase your bottom line, through marketing, positioning, pricing etc. This portion of the class is filled with small things you can implement right away that cost nothing, but can make a huge impact on your earning potential!Next we’re going to get specific with pricing and sales. We’re going to show you specifically how our pricing is structured (this is years of personal tweaking that you get in 20 minutes - lucky you!). Bring along your pricing as well, because we’re going to get personal and do some individual pricing critiques as time allows. This is a huge opportunity to make a difference in your business!Finally, we’re going to do a live, in-person sales session. Moving from online to in-person sales will immediately double your income! We’ve seen it time and time again, yet we understand what an intimidating process it can be. We’re going to walk you through it step-by-step, and even get some of you in the “drivers seat” to test out your skills. This learning experience will give you confidence, AND make you more money!!!

$150 for one day class
$125 each for two days classes
$100 each for all three days classes